Album Credits

Various Artists Live at My Father’s Moustache (1995) – Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Chris LeDrew Too Commercial (1997) – Multiple instruments

Lennie Gallant Lifeline (1998) – Background Vocals

Arthur Capelin Another Planet (1998) – Background Vocals

Barry Canning Soul Parade (2001) – 12-string acoustic, vocals

Arthur Capelin Cock of the Walk (2001) – Pedal Steel

Jackie Sullivan Out of the Rain (2002) – Pedal Steel

Brothers in Stereo Self-Titled (2003) – Multiple instruments

Barry Canning Last Man Standing (2003) – Pedal Steel, 12-String Electric

8-Track Favourites –One Track Mind (2004) – Pedal steel, Vocals

Michelle Doyle Self-Titled (2004) – 12-string electric

Colleen Power Face and Eyes (2005) – Pedal steel

Jill Porter Self-Titled (2005) – Pedal Steel

Various Artists Atlantic Film Festival Compilation (2005) Electric Guitar, Vocals

Christa Borden Independent Release (2005) – Pedal Steel

George Morgan Wonderbolt (2005) Pedal steel

Banshee A Clearer Path (2005) Electric Guitar

Andrew LeDrew Ladies Lookout (2005) – Electric Guitar

Chris LeDrew Stronger Man (2006) – Multiple instruments

Rasa Do You Hear What I Hear? (2006) – Pedal Steel

Andrew Pike Pike (2006) – Pedal Steel

Colleen Power Terra Neuvienne (2007) – Pedal Steel

8-Track Favourites Liv’er Than Ever (2008) – Pedal Steel, Vocals

Karla Pilgrim I’ll Think of You (2009) – Pedal Steel

Randy Doyle The Miles Between (2010) – Pedal Steel

Glenn Simmons Sweet Vanilla (and Other Assorted Flavours)(2010) – Pedal Steel

Larry Foley Self-Titled (2010) – Pedal Steel

8-Track Favourites Christmas in my Hometown (2010) – Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar

Kim Stockwood Back to the Water (2011) – Pedal Steel

Barry Canning Light of a Setting Sun (2011) – Pedal Steel

Paul Lamb Get to What’s Real (2011) – Pedal Steel


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