Who’s LeDrew?


My name is Chris LeDrew. I live in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. I’m a lifelong musician and songwriter who also teaches university English. I grew up in the ’80s, so I straddle the line between embracing technology and longing for the simplicity of the past. I like the art of critical thinking, and I respect anyone who can approach an issue with open eyes and ears but also take a stand. As a result, I am strongly opinionated on a lot of topics; but I mostly like to discuss music. Therefore, much of what I write is either critical pieces on new music or current perspectives on classic rock. I just released a new album called Art of the Confessor, and I have been pursuing portrait photography since 2013.

Email me at: info@chrisledrew.com


6 responses to “Who’s LeDrew?

  1. Tim Guilfoile

    I stumbled across your article in OnStage Magazine entitled “The Real Reason for Robert Plant’s Tears During “Stairway to Heaven” “. I am so thankful that I did. It warmed my heart.

    • Thank you, Tim! I hadn’t realized until lately the reach the piece had gotten. I happened to click one day and saw the rows and rows of commentary. Glad you liked it….thanks!

  2. Hi Chris, (I would have like to email you but could find no way to do that) your article from the prospective of bar owner was great. I play(jazz) in a bar in Australia where I seem to be fully responsible for bringing the people in and I work hard at it. I know full well it’s cheeky to ask, but I would love to know what this sales technique you’re seeing that has so impressed you. I’ve had a weekly residency for the last 7 years but always looking to expand. I’m no threat here in Australia so would you tell me what it is, please?
    Connie Lansberg

    • Hi Connie,

      Nice to hear from you. As a musician I just thought it was a fair viewpoint expressed by the bar owner. Music is performed in many different places where this type of attitude is not exercised by the organizers or people hiring musicians, but in a bar I’m afraid it’s the bar owner’s prerogative to feel like a band is there to sell booze. That’s the bar owner’s ultimate objective, so it makes sense that he wants his bands to have those same goals. That’s about it, really.

      I’m not sure if that answers your question. Feel free to touch base at:




  3. You are a compelling writer. Will you please contact me? Not unlike the bar owner’s prospective band, I would like 60 seconds of your time.

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